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Local Authority Search Fees

All payments are generally required in advance of work commencing on your request, unless agreed otherwise. 
All prices given are for one parcel of land. See our submission guidance for further clarification.
Prices include VAT where applicable. 

Portal, email and NLIS submissions (for more information see Submit a Local Authority Search)

Fees from 1 January 2024

Local Land Charges Fees
Search type Residential Non-residential

Additional parcel fees (each parcel)

Standard search (LLC1 and CON29) (inc VAT) £105.00 £205.00 £33.00
LLC1 £21.00 £42.50 £15.00
CON29 (inc VAT) £92.00 £168.00 £18.00
CON29O (inc VAT) £17.00 £17.00  
Expedited* (Full) Search (LLC1 and Con29) £217.00 N/A  
Expedited* LLC1 (Same day) £42.00 N/A  
Expedited* CON29 (24 hours) £183.00 N/A  
Additional enquiries (unique question/s) (inc VAT) £50.00 £50.00  
Refresher Search                                              (only available on Full Searches and LLC1 or CON29 searches) £35.00 £67.65 N/A
Personal Search (Inspection of the register records) Free of charge Free of charge N/A
Enhanced Personal Search £21.00 £21.00 N/A
Set Tailored Report** £12.71 £12.71 N/A

*Expedited search availability subject to demand
**Tailored report includes responses to two CON29 questions where information is not held in a format available for public inspection.  Fees are cost recovery and include an administration charge.  For more information please see our Access To Records page.

Fee changes

Whilst fee changes typically occur at the beginning of a new financial year if a change is intended, we are able to adjust our fees as and when required and therefore fee changes could occur at any time during a year. We would of course ensure that sufficient notice was provided and our website information is up-to-date should this happen.

Enhanced Discretionary Research Fees 2023/2024

Planning Application Records
Item Description Fees - inclusive of VAT

Research of planning applications


When you cannot find what you are looking for, supply us with the site address and an outlined location plan of the site in question and we will do the work for you


Discharge of Conditions on a planning application


Send us the site address and the relevant planning application number and we will let you know what conditions have been discharged and supply the decision notices for them 


Compliance Check



Confirmation that a development has been built in accordance with the approved plans - per application

Without a site visit

With a site site visit






Section 106 Agreement - per application



Enforcement - per application


Permitted Development Rights


Supply the site address and an outlined location plan and we will confirm whether or not Permitted Development Rights have been removed from the site


Agricultural Restrictions


Supply the site address and an outlined location plan and we will advise you of the Agricultural Restrictions on the site


Lawful Use of land/property


Supply the site address and an outlined location plan and we will advise you of the lawful use pertaining to the application. 


Copy of Gas Pipes

Supply the site address and an outlined location plan


Copy of planning documents

Any of the listed documents which are currently not available on our website;

Any Planning Decisions Notices BEFORE 2003

Article 4 Directions

Copy of Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) 


General Photocopying

Per sheet of photocopy (first 10 sheets)

Further Copies

£0.42 per sheet

£0.21 per sheet

Regulation 9 Statement

View Ashford Borough Council's Regulation 9 Statement [pdf] 113KB.

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