Citizen Access

What is Citizen Access?

Citizen Access is our new Council Tax and Business Rates system that allows you to view all of your bills, update your personal details and find out about or apply for different discounts and exemptions you may be entitled to.

How do I sign up?

Go to MyAshford and create an account. 

After creating a MyAshford account you can then sign up to Citizen Access to enable single sign on. Once logged into MyAshford, click on My Council Tax to start the Citizen Access registration.

You will need the following information when signing up for Citizen Access:

  • Council tax account number (as it is shown on your bill)
  • Your name (as it is shown on your bill)
  • Two of the following:
    • Your online reference key, which can be found on bills received dated 6 October 2023 or later. You will find the key next to ‘My Council Tax Online Reference Key’ on your bill.
    • Post code.
    • Direct debit details that you use to pay your Council Tax.
    • Contact telephone number (but we need to have your number on our council tax system – if you have not provided this to us before, or have recently updated your number then please email or call 01233 331111).
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