Coronavirus Service Update

Please note that due to the current situation we are not currently offering garages to any new tenants. All non-urgent repairs will be put on hold.

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How do I rent a garage?

We have garages available to rent in a number of areas. In some places there are garages that are available immediately. In other areas you may have to join a waiting list until a vacancy becomes available.

To go on our garage waiting list you must live or work in the borough and be up to date with all payments due to the council.

When allocating garages we use a date order system. Priority is given to those who are a council tenant of one of our dwellings. However, many garages are rented to other individuals where there are vacancies.

We will not offer you a garage to rent unless you are up to date with all payments due to the council. In addition, we will terminate your garage tenancy if you do not keep up to date with all payments due to us.

How much does a garage cost to rent?

Currently we have two different rental rates for our garages. These vary in price depending on their location.

Our garages are either £7.99 or £9.05 a week for our council tenants and £9.59 or £10.86 a week for everyone else. 

From the 1 April 2020 garage rents will increase. Council tenants will be charged £10.50 a week and everyone else will be charged £12.60 a week.

All current garage tenants will be informed of the rent increase in March.

Garage rent is payable monthly in advance by direct debit.

Applying to rent a garage

To apply for a garage you need to complete a Garage Application form. Further details of garage locations are included with the form.

Enquire or report an issue about a garage

To enquire or report an issue about a garage complete the Garage enquiry form.

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Garage locations

We have garages in the following locations:

How do I end my garage tenancy?

If you don't want to continue to rent your garage anymore please let us know straight away by completing the Garage tenancy termination form.

For additional information please view our Garages FAQs which explain what you can store, insurance and much more. You can also email our customer services team or call 01233 331111.