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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can anyone go on the garage waiting list?

No, You must meet and continue to meet the following criteria to be on the garage waiting list:  
  • You must live or work within the borough;
  • You must be up to date with all payments due to the council;
  • Applications are only accepted from individuals, not from companies or organisations

+ Are there any other conditions I must meet?

Yes. We will not offer you a garage to rent if you are not up to date with payments due to the council. In addition, we will terminate any garage tenancies you have if you fail to keep up to date with all payments due to the council.

+ How are Garages Allocated?

When allocating garages we use a date order system. Priority is given to those who are currently tenants of our dwellings. However, many garages are rented to other individuals where there are vacancies.

+ Can I rent more than one garage?

Yes, you can rent a second or third garage. However, we will only consider this if there is no one else on the list waiting to rent their first garage.

+ How can I pay my garage rent?

Garage rent is payable monthly in advance and we prefer that you pay by monthly direct debit. You can pay your rent in many different ways, visit our methods of payment webpage for more information.

+ Can I use my garage to store other things?

The primary purpose of the garage is to store a taxed and insured motor vehicle. Other items can be stored with the motor vehicle, but you should not store petroleum or any other flammable liquid or substance, other than in the petrol tank of the vehicle. You should also remember that garages can be vulnerable to theft of items stored inside.

+ Can I claim compensation for damage or loss of items stored in the garage from the council?

No. You should have your own insurance for any items you leave in your garage. These should be insured against theft, loss and damage.

+ What if I exchange garages with another tenant?

You need to inform us. We are usually happy to agree to this and will undertake all the necessary paperwork to ensure your rent payments continue to be received for your tenancy.

+ Can I rent the garage to someone else?

No, sub-letting is a breach of your tenancy agreement.