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Tree Warden Scheme

Are you a Tree Champion? Find out how you can help us by becoming a Tree Warden.

Ashford Borough Council is committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030. The strategy to achieve this consists of many strands, including carbon sequestration through tree planting initiatives. Tree planting and woodland developments however are not a quick win option, they are long term initiatives that require ongoing support, long term maintenance and champions to protect them for generations to come.

We are looking for volunteer Tree Wardens to help us with this task.  Would you like the opportunity to learn more about trees, gain new skills and play an active role in conserving and enhancing trees and woodland in your local area?

Prospective tree wardens do not need to be tree specialists, but simply be enthusiastic, enjoy the outdoors and be able to commit some of their time to championing trees. The types of activities that volunteers can get involved in with our support, include:

  • Planting and care of trees (in new and existing woodlands that need management)
  • Setting up tree nurseries using locally collected seeds – seed sharing schemes
  • Surveying local trees and gathering information about them to help us monitor impact
  • Providing ‘eyes and ears’ to inform Local Authority about disease, decay or vandalism and breaches of TPO’s
  • Raising funds and identifying suitable land for local tree planting projects
  • Going into schools to talk to young people about the value of trees.
  • Giving leaded tree walks
  • Acting as a tree ambassador, championing local trees and woodlands

Volunteers will be provided with training to undertake basic tree inspections.

Time commitment is not specified and varies according to workload needs. It may vary seasonally, with more time required at certain times of the year. Whatever time you feel able to give will then determine what you may be able to do.

Due to the nature of the role applicants will need to have a reasonable level of fitness and enjoy working outdoors in all weathers. Additionally understand that due to the nature of the locations of trees, applicants are likely to encounter uneven and muddy terrain in woodland settings.

To find out more about the scheme and register your interest please complete the online enquiry form. Please note that for this round of induction consideration can only be given to applicants that are able to attend a general induction session on 30th July and a full day training course on 7th September 2021.