Urgent Telephone 4pm - 8.30am : 01233 331111

Problem Parking

Vehicles parked dangerously or causing an obstruction

We cannot issue fines to vehicles parked dangerously or causing an obstruction where there is no parking restriction, for example, if a vehicle has been parked at a junction and is creating a hazard to other motorists or pedestrians.

These vehicles can only be dealt with by the police. Contact them on their non-emergency phone number, 101.

Visit Kent Police's website to find out about nuisance parking and abandoned vehicles.

Vehicles that are exempt from parking restrictions

There are some vehicles which are exempt from parking restrictions or have permission to park on yellow lines or in certain bays. These vehicles will usually have a special permit or ticket on display. Check a vehicle for this before you report it as illegally parked.

Report parking problems 

Send details to - Parking Services, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford TN23 1PL.

Or email us - parkingcustomercare@ashford.gov.uk

Grass Verges+

Line markings on the road If there are no line markings on the road e.g. double yellow lines, we cannot issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) to vehicles under 7.5 tonnes parked on the verge, if the road next to the verge is not subject to civil parking restrictions. We may be able to issue a PCN to a commercial vehicle (7.5 tonnes and over). No line markings on the road If there are line markings on the road we can issue a PCN. Please email us -
  • The location (try to be exact)
  • Time and dates 
  • Photos (these are very helpful but do not take them if this is difficult or likely to prove provocative

The Highway+

No line markings on the road

  • The vehicle hasn't been moved for a while - If the vehicle is taxed and road legal, we can do nothing. It is not an offence to park a road legal vehicle on the road even for long periods
  • Check if a vehicle is taxed on the DVLA website
  • Read our abandoned vehicle page
  • Parked outside my house or in 'my space' - Although it must be frustrating, neither the police or Ashford Borough Council can can prevent this sort of situation.
  • Parked on my drive - If the vehicle is parked on your private land, we cannot intervene (unless it is abandoned). The abandoned vehicle process allows for the vehicle owner to respond or render the vehicle road legal. We cannot simply remove road legal vehicles from the public highway or private land
  • Parked across my own drive - Unless there are other restrictions on the road, you can park across your own driveway or give permission to others 
  • Parked opposite my drive - If you are unable to access or leave your driveway due to vehicles parked opposite the drive entrance you can report obstruction to the police on 101. (Kent Police advise residents to look first to resolve these issues amongst themselves and park in a considerate and safe manner.

The Pavement+

Line markings on the road or within a zone - vehicles parked illegally may receive a PCN. >The restriction imposed by yellow lines extends from the middle of the road to the pavement or verge.  When we receive a report, our officers will visit as soon as possible. We may not be able to act if the vehicle is undertaking an exempted activity (e.g. loading and unloading) even if the vehicle appears to be causing an obstruction. 

Out of a bay+

On yellow lines or within a zone - Vehicles parked illegally may receive a PCN.
Your vehicle should not overhang the markings of a bay. You would be expected to find another suitable parking spot if the wheelbase of your vehicles extends outside of the bay or onto yellow lines.

Across a dropped kerb (lowered for pedestrians)+

Vehicles parked here may receive a PCN. There is no requirement for tactile pavement or for any signs or markings.