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Discretionary Rate Relief

As a council, we can decide to grant discretionary relief to not-for-profit organisations.

Your organisation needs to be charitable, religious or concerned with education, social welfare, science, literature, the fine arts, or the property must be used by a not-for-profit organisation for the main purpose of recreation in order to be eligible.

Decisions to give discretionary relief are made on a case-by-case basis. We will appoint a committee to judge each case based on a set of policy guidelines and criteria.

Backdating of discretionary relief may be considered but would be part of the assessment process.

View Ashford Borough Council's policy for the granting of Discretionary Non-Domestic Rate Relief [pdf] 553KB.

Applying for discretionary rate relief

To apply for discretionary rate relief against our new policy you need to complete a discretionary rate relief reapplication form.

Apply for Discretionary Rate Relief

Application help and guidance

All relevant questions in the form must be answered in full and all supporting documents must be provided. If they are not, we will not be able to reassess you and you may not receive discretionary rate relief.

Sports clubs that have been de-registered from CASC

If your community amateur sports club or other sports club has been de-registered from CASC since you last completed a form, please email businessrates@ashford.gov.uk.

Find out more information to assist with applications for discretionary rate relief.

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