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News article entitled Marking Victory over Japan Day

Marking Victory over Japan Day

Published: 11/08/2020

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day). Ashford Borough Council will be commemorating this milestone, the date when the Second World War was over, with an online event, including an address from new Mayor of Ashford Cllr John Link.

There will also be national events which residents can get involved with, including following #VJDay75 and #NeverForgotten on social media, where you can share your own memories or images from the day.

While the war in Europe ended in May 1945, there were many thousands of Armed Forces personnel still engaged in fighting in the Far East. VJ Day marks the day that Japan surrendered on 15 August 1945, ending the Second World War.

The fighting in Asia-Pacific took place from Hawaii to north east India, with the British and Commonwealth’s Fourteenth Army involving men speaking more than 40 languages and representing all the world’s major religions.

Cllr John Link, Mayor of Ashford, said: “75 years ago we were asked to remember all those who had lost their lives as we celebrated VJ Day, so I hope everyone will take the time to do the same this year, and give thanks for their courage which means we can enjoy the freedom we have.

“We are currently dealing with a different kind of enemy, but we have shown the same fighting spirit and bravery. While we commemorate VJ Day please also remember those we have lost to COVID. I would like to thank all of those who have given incredible service and compassion to our great borough and nation.”

To find out why VJ Day was so important, how it was celebrated, see photos and footage from the time, and to hear the Last Post specially recorded by Leading Cadet Budden from Folkestone & Hythe Sea and Royal Marines Cadets visit our website.

There are ideas and suggestions for how to commemorate VJ Day on the national website.