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News article entitled Recycling success continues – Ashford remains No1 recycler in Kent

Recycling success continues – Ashford remains No1 recycler in Kent

Published: 17/03/2021

Ashford Borough Council’s recycling service remains the best in Kent, according to the latest national recycling league tables. Ashford’s position is certainly one to be proud of and demonstrates the excellent recycling our residents have been doing, we want to thank everyone for continuing to support the service and consistently recycling well.

Ashford’s recycling rate remains comfortably above the national target of 50%, and the overall figure for Ashford (54.2%) places us 48th in the country, 16th in the South East and top in Kent. These statistics form part of DEFRA’s nationwide recycling league tables.

Cllr Andrew Buchanan, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Land Management, said: “I am absolutely delighted that Ashford Borough Council has the best recycling figures in Kent and one of the best in the country.

This is due to the amazing efforts of our fantastic residents as well as the hard work of our council staff and Biffa. Together we have ensured that recycling is collected properly and pushed out the message, to everyone, on the importance of recycling and how to do it correctly.

“This is yet another step forward in our aim to be carbon neutral. Ashford once again is leading the way and showing how it can be done.”

Cllr Liz Wright, Co-Leader of the Green Party commented: “We’re delighted to hear this good news, and congratulate and thank our officers for their hard work and commitment to our carbon neutral goal. Thanks most importantly to Ashford residents for showing how much they care for the future of our planet.

“We hope to do even better in future and call on recycling companies to show the same commitment to improving their performance, to stop dumping plastic waste in distant countries and on supermarkets and other firms to act swiftly in reducing plastic packaging.”

We provide a variety of information to help residents improve their recycling habits. Residents can find useful recycling tips and advice on our website or alternatively they can visit our social media pages where we regularly share information on how to recycle