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News article entitled Tenth Ashford Applause winner announced

Tenth Ashford Applause winner announced

Published: 27/08/2020

Ashford Applause has seen some truly inspirational local people going above and beyond to support their community.

Over the past 10 weeks we have been delighted to receive so many wonderful applications which have brought to light the amazing contribution people are making to the community during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

We are delighted to announce our final winner as John Howell. 

At the beginning of the lockdown, John formed a volunteer group called Community Care Ashford. The group supported vulnerable and elderly residents by helping them get access to medicine and food supplies, as well as encouraging neighbours to look out for each other and access a local support network more easily.

Cllr Jenny Webb, the then Mayor of Ashford, nominated John for an Ashford Applause.  

She said: "John and his volunteers have been incredibly valuable assets to the community. They have gone above and beyond to help the community in this unprecedented time and have given their time and love without question. John and his volunteers are true unsung heroes." 

John said: "The volunteers of the group, who assisted in helping the community, are the real heroes. They deserve all the applause. Thank you again, I have been humbled to serve the community and it has been an absolute pleasure. 

"Thank you, Ashford Council, for your support during this time. You have been an asset to the community and an example of how a local authority should and can manage during difficult times."

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a special individual in the community for an Ashford Applause recognition; you have shown your community champion how valued they are and the positive effect they have on our lives when we need it most.

Every nomination we received has been acknowledged and each person who was nominated for an award has been listed on Loveashford’s website with the inspiring words from their nominator.

The Ashford Applause was created to recognise and illustrate the amazing contribution people are making to the community during this challenging time. It is truly heart-warming to have received so many stories of incredible selflessness and acts of kindness from the Ashford community.

The campaign was a collaboration between Loveashford and Ashford Borough Council.

These times have brought sadness to our community and our deepest condolences go out to those who have suffered loss. The Ashford Applause celebrated and recognised our community following the collective sadness we have all experienced, of lives lost and moments missed.

Our Ashford Applause champions were presented with a personalised digital portrait, hand drawn by a local artist and had their story published on Ashford Borough Council’s website and social media channels, as well as a full feature on Loveashford’s website and social media channels.