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Non Domestic Rates Summons

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Non Domestic Rates Summons

We have previously sent you a bill and reminder that have not been paid on time.  The application for a liability order will not proceed if payment of the total amount due as shown on the summons is received by the council before the court hearing.  Please note if there is any amount unpaid at the date of the hearing we will apply for a Liability Order and additional costs.

If you are jointly and severally liable there will be an identical summons for the other liable party (person), the total amount due needs to be paid once.

You do not need to attend the court hearing even though you have been sent a summons.  The Magistrates can only consider certain legally admissible defences and will not decide how much for you to pay or consider any proposal for payment.  They will only decide whether or not to grant the liability order.  If you believe you have a good defence telephone the council without delay and explain your dispute/query.

How to pay and where

  • Telephone 01233 330625 using your debit or credit card (24/7)
  • Pay online at www.ashford.gov.uk
  • Pay through your bank to NATWEST Ashford Borough Council Account 74313363 Sort code 60-01-21
  • Remember to always quote your business rates account reference number

If you have any other queries

The administration of business rates for the borough of Ashford is handled by Canterbury City Council as part of a programme for Kent councils to work together. You can contact Canterbury City Council's business rates team using the following methods: