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Thinking of a career related to Planning?

Published: 09/05/2022
Graduate holding up a mortar board

Do you want to go to university or college but are worried about the costs?

Do you want your CV to have the edge once you complete your qualification?

If so then check out Ashford Borough Council’s Higher Education Bursary and Work Placement Scheme where you’ll get valuable experience, working within the council’s Planning department for up to 12 weeks during the summer. You’ll also receive financial assistance with your studies.

You’ll need to be enrolled/have an offer of a place at an educational establishment for at least one academic year on a programme related to Planning such as geography, town planning, sustainability, urban design, etc.

Applications are open with the successful candidate commencing their placement within the council’s Planning department this summer.

When thinking about your future career you might not consider Local Government as your first choice. You might assume that the sector is not one of the most exciting places to could gain work experience and develop a career.

However, recognised as one of the most entrepreneurial local authorities in the UK, Ashford Borough Council have turned this preconception on its head. Operating like a business the council has already made great strides in transforming from a traditional local authority to become a commercial organisation, with a host of major developments changing the skyline of the borough.

Going to university is a big financial commitment which can create strain on families and may result in compromises on course and location of study to keep costs down. The council’s scheme will provide a summer work placement that will support your studies, along with a bursary of up to £3,000 to a local undergraduate student for each year of study (up to a maximum of four years).

Megen Williams, who was accepted onto the scheme from 2019 to 2022 had this to say of her experience:

“Working at Ashford Borough Council under their Bursary Placement Scheme has given me an amazing opportunity to gain a wide range of experience relevant to my university course.

“From the beginning and throughout I have had the opportunity to attain and experience different skills, I had amazing support around me from colleagues, all while growing my professional network.

“What made this paid placement so valuable was having the opportunity to take on tasks and projects myself, allowing me to learn and experience how they work outside of my education.

“Not only has this placement given me a vast insight into the industry, but has also given me financial support through the £3,000 bursary paid every year, as well as it being a paid placement.

“Overall my time under this bursary scheme has given me so many opportunities, that not many people get.”

Michelle Pecci, Head of HR and Customer Services said: “I am very much in support of this scheme as an investment in our community and the excellent opportunity it will provide for our young residents.

“This scheme sets Ashford apart as a place where local talent can develop their career and we are excited to watch our successful candidates grow and be a part of their journey.”

Find out more and apply: ashford.gov.uk/bursary