Applying For Social Housing

If you have a housing need that you cannot meet from your own resources or if your current home does not meet your housing requirements then you may wish to apply to join the council's housing register. Means testing and local connection criteria may apply.

It is important to understand that demand for social housing far outweighs supply, and so whilst you may be accepted onto the register we do not guarantee to rehouse you. The priority awarded to you will dictate your chances of success and the timescale.

How to apply to the housing waiting list

To make an application for social rented housing within the borough you need to complete our online application form which is available on the Kent Homechoice website.

Once you have completed the form you will be required to submit some supporting documentation. Please do not send us in original documents such as passports; a photocopy is sufficient.

Once you have submitted your documents it can take up to twelve weeks for us to make an assessment of your application and to contact you. When we contact you it will be with details of your application priority and how you can express an interest in available properties.

For further information please download the Lettings Policy [pdf] 513KB.

What to do if you're about to be homeless

The housing register is unable to assist in an emergency situation and so if you are at threat of homelessness, please contact us for advice.