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Boditrax machine launches at Tenterden Leisure Centre

Published: 01/12/2022
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Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust launches boditrax™ machine – which knows how old you really are

The Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust, which runs Tenterden Leisure Centre in partnership with Serco Leisure, has unveiled its latest bit of gym equipment – the body composition tool – boditrax™, which can tell gym goers exactly how old - or young - their body really is.

Jordan Garland, Manager of the Leisure Centre explained that “all gym members get free access to boditrax™, and after a simple 30-second analysis session, they are provided with a full body MOT, which includes muscle mass, fat mass and muscle distribution among many other key metrics.

However, so far at the leisure centre gym, there’s been one measurement that’s proven more popular than all the others – the metabolic age. Unlike your standard age, the metabolic one can go down, providing a genuine spur to gym customers, looking to metabolically reverse the aging process.

Matthew Roberts, Chair of the Leisure Trust said

“We are delighted to have added this new feature to the centre encouraging more people to take up regular activity. Boditrax™ works as a motivational tool. In just 30 seconds, customers can see how their work in the gym or the changes in their diet are paying off. Some numbers go down, some go up, but these readings will be an accurate representation of what’s happening inside customers’ bodies.”

“Use of the boditrax™ machine is being offered free to gym members, providing accurate data about your body, giving you the chance to set goals, track progress and hopefully see your metabolic age come down a year or two.”

Cllr Matthew Forest, Portfolio Holder for Environment, Property & Recreation at Ashford Borough Council, said

“This is great news and a superb addition to the already first-rate range of facilities and equipment available at Tenterden Leisure Centre. Gym members are sure to find that the boditrax™ machine works as a powerful motivational tool – getting access to a full body MOT sounds really cool and is sure to prove extremely popular with members of the gym.”

To find out about membership options and access to boditrax™ at Tenterden Leisure Centre, visit the website.

Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust is a registered charity operating Tenterden Leisure Centre in partnership with Serco Leisure on behalf of Ashford Borough Council.

About Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust

Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust Limited is a registered charity established in May 2002 to help provide sporting, recreational and leisure facilities for the residents of Tenterden and the surrounding communities. The charity raises funds and issues grants to provide equipment, programes and support to increase access and promote health and wellbeing. To donate, or find out how to become involved, contact the Chair of Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust Matthew Roberts on 0755 305 7658.

About Serco

Serco is a leading provider of public services. Our customers are governments or others operating in the public sector. We gain scale, expertise and diversification by operating internationally across five sectors and four geographies: Defence, Justice & Immigration, Transport, Health and Citizen Services, delivered in UK & Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

For more information about Serco Leisure, visit the website.

About boditrax™

Boditrax™ is a body composition tool, which calculates things like body fat percentage, muscle mass and a person’s metabolic age, among a host of other key health metrics. The device works via a safe electrical signal being sent through the body. For more information, visit the website: