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Progress being made on Tenterden Leisure Centre improvements

Published: 18/05/2023
Outside the front doors of Tenterden Leisure Centre

The transformation of Tenterden Leisure Centre continues with significant progress being made on several aspects of the project, including a complete replacement of the leisure centre’s roof, pool filtration system, wave and filtration control panels and redecoration for the poolside flume area.

Eight of the nine roofs are completed and although this aspect of the overall project has not been plain-sailing, The Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust, Serco and Ashford Borough Council have taken the opportunity to carry out a number of other significant improvements to the facility at the same time, to provide longevity to this important community asset.

The Council has been successful in obtaining a government decarbonisation grant of around £300,000, which is seeing the replacement of the pool air handling system, meaning the facility is receiving a new Pool Air Handling Unit and Air Source Heat Pump. This will not only will massively reduce the building’s carbon footprint, it will enable greater control of the poolside temperatures.

Users of the facility may have already noticed a number of LED light replacements installed in a number of other key areas around the building. Furthermore, £195,000 is being invested into the essential filtration plant replacement works to prevent the need for future disruption to pool users.

Additionally, the pool wave control panel is being replaced, with variable speed drives, which increases the efficiency and lifespan of the motors. Finally, a number of cosmetic improvements are being carried out including the redecoration of the poolside flume and cleaning and fixing of the ceiling area.

Landlord Ashford Borough Council continues to work in partnership with Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust (the tenant of the leisure centre building and operator of the facilities) and Serco (the Trust’s agent running the leisure centre day to day) to ensure the improvements are being made with minimal disruption to day to day operations.

There have been some challenges to the various works being undertaken which means the centre is likely to fully re-open mid to late summer - the Trust will confirm a date once they are closer to seeing all these works completed.

Matthew Roberts Chair of the Trust, said: “The improvements have taken longer than originally anticipated, which we appreciate has led to some frustration, but everyone is working as hard as we can to fully open the new-look facility as soon as we can.

“In the meantime, the gym, studios and sports hall remain open and we appreciate and value those customers who to continue to visit.”

Further updates will be made via the Tenterden Leisure Centre website, or you can call the centre on 01580 765987 for more details.