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Tenterden Leisure Centre swimming pool reopens

Published: 23/09/2022
Tenterden Leisure Centre swimming pool reopens

The swimming pool at Tenterden Leisure Centre reopened on Wednesday 21 September, following an extended period of closure while the centre’s storm-damaged roof was repaired.

Work had begun in September 2021 to remove the roof covering and replace it with a more thermally efficient option, which will also require less maintenance. However, storm damage in October last year meant the pool had to close completely while investigations were carried out into the extent of this damage.

Following extensive repairs to the roof, a deep clean of the facility and the installation of a new filtration system, the centre operators Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust have been able to announce a reopening date.

Matthew Roberts, The Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust Chairman said:

“We’re delighted to be reopening our pool again after such a long period of closure. Swimming is a vital element of our activity offering and I know just how much customers have missed having the opportunity to take a dip, swim a few lengths or just spend some quality, family time in the pool.

“We’re expecting demand to be high now we’re reopen again. The option to ‘pay and play’ on the day is available, but we’d recommend customers book online to secure their spot in the pool.

Jordan Garland, Facility Manager at Tenterden Leisure Centre said:

“I would like to thank my colleagues at Tenterden Leisure Centre and across Kent for their support during what has been a difficult period, and I would also like to express a huge amount of gratitude to the Council team who’ve worked so hard to get us to this stage, where we’re finally able to offer swimming again to the people of this community, who’ve shown such patience over the past 12 months.”

Tenterden Leisure Centre main pool

Cllr Matthew Forest, Portfolio Holder for Environment, Property and Recreation for Ashford Borough Council (ABC) said:

“We know how vital the swimming facilities at Tenterden Leisure Centre are for our residents’ health and wellbeing and recreational activities, which is why I am delighted it’s now officially open.

“ABC has worked hard behind the scenes to complete major works to Tenterden Leisure Centre, including improvements to the roof, pool filtration system and localised repairs and redecoration of the poolside flume area after an investment of £1.5m from ABC and a further £330,000 from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme project.

“The Council is very much looking forward to seeing the community back enjoying the swimming facilities available.”

Ashford Borough Council has completely replaced the roof covering the building, which included installing access walkways to allow roof maintenance and a new upgraded lighting protection system.

Essential work has undergone replacing the pool filtration vessels and associated pipework, and the concrete basement floor underneath the vessels, which will prevent the need for future disruption to pool users.

New pool filtration system at Tenterden Leisure Centre

The pool wave control panel has been replaced, and all pool features have been reinstated with energy efficient variable speed drives, which increases the efficiency and lifespan of the motors.

ABC secured £330,000 via a government decarbonisation grant, with the Council contributing a further £70,000, which is funding the replacement of the pool air handling system. This means the facility has a new Pool Air Handling Unit and Air Source Heat Pump, which will massively reduce the building’s carbon footprint, and enable greater control of the poolside temperatures.

In addition, the Council has been successful in securing some further funding which will enable the installation of photovoltaic panels on the new roof. This phase of work does not require the facilities to close.

Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust operates Tenterden Leisure Centre in partnership with Serco Leisure and on behalf of Ashford Borough Council.