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Food Allergens

Main Points Of The FIR (Food Information Regulations)

Key areas of the regulation include:

  • Country of origin/Place of provenance;
  • Nutrition labelling;
  • Alcoholic drinks;
  • Date marking;
  • A minimum font size for the mandatory information on most food labels;
  • Drinks with high caffeine content;
  • The types of vegetable oil used in food;
  • Allergen information;
  • Added water in certain meat and fishery products.

Full details can be found by visiting the Food Standards Agency website.


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have carried out research on learning more about the choices and eating habits of consumers with food allergies when eating out. As a result, the FSA have produced an infographic and e-cards on the top results to share with Food Business Operators (FBO). These tips are designed to improve FBO allergen information offered to customers, and also improve their business.

Further information

Download tips, infographic and e-cards from the FSA.

Allergy Alerts

Visit the FSA website for the latest allergy alerts.

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