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Buskers Code of Practice

Ashford Borough Council does not presently licence buskers but we do have an obligation to observe the law relating to noise, obstruction and anti-social behaviour.

Therefore, Ashford Borough Council expects buskers to adhere to this code of practice.

  1. Noise from buskers should not be so loud that it can plainly be heard beyond a distance of 50 metres.
  2. Busking should not be so loud that it is intrusive or a nuisance to nearby premises.
  3. Amplification is allowed but should be set only slightly louder than the background street level.
  4. Buskers should not perform for longer than 1 hour at any location and should not return to that location for 4 hours.
  5. When moving onto the next location, this should not be within 75 metres of the previous location.
  6. Buskers should not set up within 50 metres of another busker.
  7. Buskers should not solicit for contributions but can accept donations.
  8. No merchandise should be offered for sale unless a street trader’s licence is obtained from the council.
  9. Buskers should reduce the volume of the music if requested, either by reducing the volume on the amplifier or by selecting quieter songs.
  10. Buskers should avoid setting up where they will impede the flow of pedestrians; e.g. ATMs, doorways.

 If you have any queries please call 01233 330319 or 01233 330645 or email epcomplaints@ashford.gov.uk.