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As part of our approach to healthy living we have a number of allotment sites, with over 400 plots throughout Ashford, that residents find very popular. Plots are measured in perches which is an old measurement – one perch is the equivalent of 25m². An average plot is approximately 125m² (around five perches). The rental per perch will be £7.00 per perch as from the 1 April 2019 averaging out at £35.00 per five perch plot. The exact cost of a plot is determined by its size. We offer a concessionary rate of 50% off for the first five Perch and full price thereafter to residents claiming certain types of benefit and for those residents in receipt of state pensions. If you have a plot and you become entitled to State Pension the onus is on you as the tenant to contact us with proof of entitlement prior to 1st September before invoices are issued for the coming year. Once invoices are raised we will not be able to update your tenancy until the following September. All our allotment sites have water points.

Allotment rent is now payable in advance and will be invoiced every September. When you take over an allotment you will be required to pay a key deposit of £25 (which is refunded at the end of a tenancy provided that the key is returned and the plot is left in a reasonable state). Any additional keys will be charged at £10 each which is also refundable at the end of your tenancy. You will also be required to pay for rent in advance up to the following September when you will then be invoiced for future rent. If you terminate your tenancy before the end of that financial year there will be no refund of rent paid.

Visit the Ashford Allotment Society website

The Ashford Allotment Society holds regular meetings to discuss allotment matters, with each site having a representative who speaks on their behalf. Allotment tenants are welcome to attend these meetings to listen and observe, although they are not able to participate in the meeting.

Download Allotment Society Rules [pdf] 401KB

Email, or call the allotment officer on 01233 330518.


Pay your invoice

To pay your invoice, select 'Invoice or Sundry Debtors' on the payment homepage and follow the onscreen instructions.

Complete a Request for an allotment

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The allotment sites are listed below; click on the address to view the site on the map.

Allotment sites

Name Address Size (acres)
Beaver Field View Rigden Road map 0.543
Burton Farm View Kennington map 2.192
Bybrook Cemetery View Cemetery Lane map 0.484
Cryol Road View Cryol Road map 0.748
Gas House Fields View Cudworth Road map 2.350
Henwood View Gordon Close map 1.579
Musgrove Farm View Beaver Road map 3.502
William and Jemmett View Jemmett Road/Musgrove New/William Road/Christchurch Road map 4.001
Orion Way View Orion Way map 2.145
Repton View Repton Manor Road map 0.479
Westrees View Quantock Drive map 3.033
Wye View Churchfield Way map 0.515