Aspire logoAspire Landscape Management cares for spaces owned by the council, such as parks, floral beds, open green areas, cemeteries, grounds around housing sites, hedges, sports pitches and associated footpaths.

Our day-to-day work includes mowing, pruning, planting, clearing and litter picking.

The work Aspire undertakes contributes to Priority 4 of the Corporate Plan (Attractive Ashford) to achieve an environment that creates higher standards of public space design, and improved standards of presentation of key green spaces. As an in-house service, we can place our resources where and when they are most needed, demonstrating value for money.

Aspire works with Kent County Council (KCC) Highway Services to help improve landscape quality standards overall in Ashford. Together, we want to make the borough a pleasant place to live, work, visit and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I establish who owns the land?+

Generally, grass verges on roads are owned by Kent Highway Services; in most cases they commission Ashford Borough Council to maintain them. Roads with over 60 miles per hour speed limits tend to be the responsibility of Highways England. The Land Registry can supply details of the ownership of other land.

Can you maintain privately-owned land?+

We can if we receive permission from the land owner to do so and to access their land. There are large areas of land which the council does not own and we are not able to maintain them.

How did you choose your name and branding?+

The name and branding was created by Ashford Borough Council. We chose a name that was engaging, meaningful and matched the aims of councillors to improve the appearance of the borough.

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