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Fortnightly recycling

The GREEN wheeled bin is for all recyclable items and it is emptied fortnightly.

Please remember:

  • Do not line your recycling container with bags
  • Do not put carrier bags/plastic sacks of items into your green recycling bin. Carrier bags and plastic sacks themselves cannot be recycled as part of this service
  • Do not put dark plastic food trays (from microwave meals for example), or crisp packets in your green recycling bin. Please place them in your grey refuse bin
  • Sanitary waste items such as nappies are not recyclable. Please place them in your grey refuse bin
  • Food waste packaging should be emptied of its contents and rinsed before placing in your green recycling bin
  • Garden waste should be placed in your brown recycling bin – not the green recycling bin
  • Coloured or opaque bags including carrier bags should be used only in the grey refuse bin. These should not be used for recycling, only completely clear bags are permitted with recycling

For advice on how to improve the quality of items you're recycling, download our Quick Recycling Tips Guide [pdf] 1MB

For more information please visit KCC's Ashford household waste recycling centre page.

Kent Resource Partnership Materials End Destinations and Annual Report 2016-17 [pdf] 1499KB

Weekly food waste collection

Put food waste into the small indoor kitchen caddy (silver in colour). Empty your kitchen caddy into the collection caddy (orange lid) when required.

Put the caddy with the orange lid out for collection weekly on both your refuse and your recycling collection days.

If you wish, you can line your caddy with newspaper or special compostable liners, available at supermarkets.

list of which foods you can put in your food bin

What else can be recycled?

A-Z of Waste

For more information see our A-Z of Waste page.