The Ashford Tree Trail

A Community Arts Project for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Year

The Ashford Tree Trail was a visual spectacle of decorated trees, throughout Ashford town centre from 2 June - 25 June 2022.

The Ashford Tree Trail has been created by Animate Arts CIC in partnership with schools, community groups, the public and businesses in the Ashford Borough. Every tree on this trail is decorated to celebrate the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee. 

How you can make your own

The Ashford Tree Trail Activity Pack

You can download the free Ashford Tree Trail activity pack [pdf] 20495KB, which is full of inspiration and tips on how to create your own tree and decorations from recycled materials. 

Tree Trail Virtual Forest

You can now view a gallery of pictures of trees that have been submitted online by organisations and members of the community.

The Jubilee Blossom Tree

This is a special tree that was on the Ashford Tree Trail. It is a tree made entirely from paper, cardboard, and has a canopy of seeded-paper blossom! Each blossom flower carries well-wishes and messages of thanks to the Queen. 

Themes for the Tree Tail

Trees in themselves are a symbol of life, wisdom, power and prosperity, but they also have an important significance for HM Queen Elizabeth II. Trees have been planted at different milestones of her reign – from the planting of Sandringham’s Royal Fruit Orchard in 1953 the year of her coronation to the national Queen’s Green Canopy Project taking place in 2022. 

Across all the trees, made by artists, schools or those using the downloadable pack, there were two central themes – The Queen’s Jubilee and Green Planet.

Decorations and artworks that adorn each tree were made from recycled, repurposed materials, whilst the trees that have ‘grown’ a decoration scheme represent the Queen’s achievements, passions and the iconic symbols throughout her reign. From Corgi Trees to Postage Stamp Trees to Commonwealth Trees, every tree artistically celebrates the Queen’s Jubilee by design.  

About Animate Arts CIC

Animate Arts LogoAnimate Arts Company CIC is a national award-winning, not-for-profit arts company making high-quality participatory art projects, working creatively with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

The artists at Animate Arts work with people of all ages, from early years, children and young people to families and whole communities. Through workshops in crafts to theatre to community art events they bringing people together through art projects and programmes.

In 2022 we also will be marking a special anniversary - our 20th anniversary year of delivering projects and bringing people together through our art experiences. One of our very first projects began in Ashford, and we have continued to work with many communities, schools and venues in the borough over the years.

For more information about Animate Arts Company visit the Animate Arts website.

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