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Your New Home

Moving to a new home can be an exciting but unsettling time for most people. We want the process of moving home to be as smooth as possible.

We inspect all our homes whilst they are empty. We carry out any works that are needed, then re-inspect them to ensure they are in a safe condition and good repair for your move-in date.

Health and Safety

+ Electrical inspection

All electrical installations are checked for safety, compliance and operation. An electrical installation safety report is provided.

+ Gas safety

All gas installations are checked for safety, compliance and operation. A copy of the Landlord’s Gas Safety Record is provided. The gas supply to property will be capped, with the boiler switched off. You will need to contact our gas contractor to arrange a turn on and test, once arrangements have been made for supply with a utilities provider.

+ Asbestos

A condition based visual check of any material which might contain asbestos will be completed. Any considered defective material will be removed or encapsulated in line accordance with guidelines.

+ Fire protection

The property will meet current fire safety regulations, with fire doors and closers fitted where needed. One or more smoke detectors are fitted, depending on the layout of the home.

+ Security

Locks to external doors are changed and you will have two keys for each door. Doors and windows are checked for safety and security. You will receive two fobs if you live in a block of flats that has a fob entry system. Additional fobs can be purchased from us if you need them.

+ Cleanliness

All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, in particular kitchens and bathrooms, sinks, basins and toilets, for your protection. A new shower head is provided in wet rooms.

+ Damp and condensation

Any evidence of damp and condensation, including mould, is investigated and fixed. All vents are cleared of any obstruction and a visual inspection of extractor fans is carried out.

General condition and provision

+ Clearance

All areas of the home, including gardens, lofts, outhouses and sheds are cleared of any waste or debris.

+ Internal decoration

In general, homes are not redecorated inside.

+ Insulation

Roof spaces, including hatch doors, are insulated with pipes and tanks lagged. We do not support the use of lofts as personal storage areas.

+ Floors

Sub-floors are checked for safety and should provide a flat surface for any chosen covering. Any defective floor tiles or boards are replaced to match, wherever possible. Kitchens and bathrooms are fitted with appropriate hard flooring as standard.

+ Appliances

All standard fitted appliances are checked for compliance and operation, and serviced where needed. This includes: central heating systems, electric showers, storage heaters and electric convector heaters.

+ Heating

All of our homes have adequate and appropriate methods of space and water heating.

+ Kitchen

We aim to provide a balance between preparation areas, storage and space for white goods. Where space permits, you will be provided with the following:
• A single drainer stainless steel sink;
• A double or two single wall units;
• Two base units;
• Space and plumbing for a washing machine;
• Space for a standard size cooker*;
• Space for a fridge or fridge freezer;
• A single row of ceramic tiles above worktops and sinks.
* There may be a choice of fuel for cooking. The gas supply pipe is capped off for safety and the electrical supply and cooker point will be ready for connection. Installation of a cooker is your responsibility. You should arrange for an appropriately qualified tradesperson to do this for you.

+ Bathrooms and cloakrooms

Where space allows, you will be provided with the following:
• A bath with side and/or end panel;
• A WC pan with cistern;
• A wash hand basin.
Cloakrooms and outside toilets may not contain a wash hand basin.
Some homes will have wet rooms or other shower cubicle facilities.
Taps, wastes and overflows are inspected for leaks and operation.
If an electric over-bath shower is in situ, we will maintain this as long as possible. However, replacement of the unit will be your responsibility, unless you can prove a disability need.

+ Aids and adaptations

Where adaptations were provided for a previous customer, we do not return the home to its original status. However, redundant items, such as stair lifts, will be removed if not suitable for or required by you.

+ Energy efficiency

An energy performance assessment of your home is conducted. Where due, a copy of Energy Peformance Certificate will be provided.

+ External structure

Roofs, gutter and downpipes are visually inspected for condition, and repaired where needed. If provided, maintenance of external taps are your responsibility.

+ TV aerials

Aerials are not installed at individual dwellings. If an aerial is left in situ, this will become your responsibility to maintain and replace. You need to ask us if you wish to install a satellite dish. In blocks of flats, there is a communal aerial system and you will pay a service charge towards its maintenance.

+ Fences and boundaries

Fences, gates and walls that form a boundary with a public highway or footpath will be in a serviceable condition.

+ Paths, driveways and areas of hard standing

These will be in serviceable condition.

+ Sheds and greenhouses

These will be left in situ if safe and serviceable. It will be your responsibility to maintain and to replace these.

Useful information

Housing Repairs team

Call 01233 330366

Outside of working hours (emergencies only) call 01233 330366

Heating maintenance contractor

Call 0800 206 1371

National gas emergency service (gas leaks)

Call 0800 111 999

Housing Services team

Call 01233 330688 or email the housing services team.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who do I need to tell that I am moving?

You should inform your family, friends and contacts such as your employer, schools, banks, council tax, current utility providers, etc. Give them your new address and your move-in date. You should arrange to settle all bills relating to your old home as you leave. Contact the post office to arrange to have your mail redirected.

+ What do I do about power and water suppliers?

If there is a gas supply and you wish to use this form of energy, you will need to choose a supplier to arrange and pay for an account directly with them. The same applies to electrical supply. Get online help in choosing the best option for you. You will also need to make similar arrangements with South East Water for water supply and sewerage charges.

+ What about telephone lines, satellite and cable TV and broadband?

You will need to arrange for the installation or transfer of any of these services yourself.

+ Do you provide domestic appliances?

In general, no. You will need to supply your own fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, ovens and hobs or cookers. It is your responsibility to make sure they are correctly installed. The exception is in some sheltered flats, some built-in appliances are supplied, and there is usually a shared laundry room for your use.