Report A Repair

Visit Our Repairs Standard page initially for information on how we prioritise repairs and how we define emergency repairs.


Please use our step-by-step, online reporting service for non-emergency repairs. This service has easy-to-follow diagrams and text boxes.

This service is available 24 hours a day throughout the year. It provides you with a simple, convenient way to report your repair problem.

By clicking on a picture you can identify your repair problem. You can then send the details to us for action.

Repairs that are not emergencies will normally be carried out within 28 working days. Once your repair request is issued to our contractor you will receive notification of the repair through the post.

You can also use the Your Ashford app to report repairs.


Call 01233 330366 to report a repair during office hours (8.30am-4.00pm). This includes repairs for council homes and council communal areas.

Our team will take steps to resolve your repair problem. They can advise on which matters are your responsibility too.

Heating and Hot Water systems

Contact our heating and hot water contractor direct, using the following options:

By phone on 0800 206 1371 (free from landlines) or 01795 503362 or 01795 477098. Please make sure you use these numbers for emergency heating or hot water repair requests to ensure you are dealt with quickly.  Phone lines are open 24 hours a day throughout the year and can also be used for all other enquiries.

Email Swale Heating for non-emergency repairs and all other enquiries.

Using the Swale Heating on-line reporting facility for non-emergency repairs and servicing/safety compliancy testing appointments. You will need to register to be able to use this facility.

Or, you can discuss your heating or hot water repair/service with our heating management agent, GCS.

Emergency repairs (outside normal office working hours)

This service operates outside normal office hours on weekdays and all day and night at weekends and on public holidays. Please call 01233 330366 for help.

If the repair is an emergency we will arrange for our contractor to visit. This will usually take place within the next two hours. The contractor will complete a repair or make the area safe until repair work can be done during normal working hours.

Please note, as with other repairs, you may be recharged if you, others in your household, or someone visiting you has caused the problem.

Repairs queries

Phone us on 01233 330366 for any enquiries regarding a repair to your council home.

Repairs handbook

You can view our repairs handbook to help you understand what you can expect from our repairs service. It gives advice on resolving simple repair problems and explains what to do in an emergency repair situation.

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