Free Parking in Ashford and Tenterden

You won’t need to worry about digging through your pockets for spare change quite so often because Ashford Borough Council has introduced free parking at certain times in selected council run car parks across the borough.

Free parking has been rolled out in a number of car parks across Ashford and Tenterden.

In addition, charges have been removed from parts of Ashford town centre.

Where can I park for free in Ashford?

Car Parks

  • NEW FROM AUTUMN 2019- Free after 3pm in Elwick Place car park, every day (TN23 1DY)
  • Free parking on Sundays and Bank Holidays at the Edinburgh Road multi-story car park in Ashford (TN24 8LG)
  • Free parking on Sunday and Bank Holidays at the Flour Mills car park in Ashford (TN24 8PA)
  • Free after 3pm in Edinburgh Road car park every day of the week Monday to Saturday
  • Free after 3pm in Station Road car park, Ashford on Sundays and Bank Holidays (TN23 1PP)

Free Parking plan of Ashford

On Street

Ashford town centre pedestrian zone

Ashford town centre is a pedestrian area during weekdays and on Saturday. There is an order preventing the movement of traffic within the zone during certain times (this is effected by the closure of a barrier on Bank Street).

The central pedestrian zone includes:

  • Upper Bank Street
  • High Street
  • North Street
  • Part of Park Street

There is a no waiting restriction (yellow line) in place across this zone between 6am and 6pm, Monday-Saturday. Parking is now free in marked bays in the central pedestrian zone outside of these hours (see below for more details)

  • New Street (Access via Drum Lane, rather than Bank Street. The pedestrian zone is in operation between 8:30am and 4.30pm every day)

In all cases, please check with signs and/or markings when you park, as not all locations in these areas are available for general parking (e.g. taxi bays, double yellow lines etc.).

Free evening parking in the town centre

We have introduced free parking in the Ashford town centre pedestrian zone, by removing the need to pay and display a ticket outside the period when the pedestrian zone is in place.

  • You can park for free in the marked parking bays in High Street, North Street and Bank Street after 6pm from Monday to Saturday. In addition, parking is free all day on Sundays.
  • You can park for free in the marked parking bays in New Street after 4.30pm, all days.

Find a list of all council-owned car parks in Ashford and Tenterden.

Where can I park for free in Tenterden

  • Free parking on Sunday and Bank Holidays at the Bridewell Lane car park in Tenterden (TN30 6EY)
  • Free parking for up to an hour is offered in marked bays along the length of Tenterden High Street.

The council is pleased to release 140 parking bays at the Leisure Centre for all-day free parking, and almost 40 additional bays in the Station Road coach park with three hours free parking from Monday 13 July to Monday 31 August. For Station Road coach park, drivers can either order a free session via the Ringo app or obtain a coach ticket from machine to display in their vehicle.

The council hopes the initiative will increase the footfall in Tenterden and Ashford which will help boost trade for local businesses and make our high streets an attractive option for new business ventures.

Free Parking plan of Tenterden


Why isn’t free parking available on other days or other times?+

Sundays, Bank Holidays and after 3pm are times that our car parks are quieter.

Why only these car parks?+

These have been chosen on the basis that they are currently underutilised. Also some migration to the car parks that are free or cheaper will free up space in our most popular car parks making it easier for our customers to find a parking space.

Are you going to make any other improvements?+

Absolutely we want to do more. We need to ensure that our towns have sufficient car parks in the future and we need to explore the use of systems such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition in any new car parks. This would make parking even more convenient for customers and has the potential to encourage longer stays in our town centres.

Many of the existing parking payment terminals have already been replaced with modern pay machines. When fully functional these machines will accept payment by which accept by coins, as before, as well as by credit/debit card and ‘wave and pay’ contactless technology.

All of our on-street and off-street parking locations across the borough are also served by the cashless parking service, 'Parkmobile'.

To see which car parks in Ashford are run by Ashford Borough Council, please see our parking pages for Ashford or Tenterden.