On-Street Parking in Ashford

On-street parking is available in the following locations in Ashford:

  • Apsley Street
  • East Street
  • Queen Street
  • Church Road
  • Godinton Road
  • Regents Place
  • Drum Lane
  • Norwood Street
  • West Street
Information for on-street parking charges in Ashford
Times and charges

Charges payable from 8am-10pm
Between 9am-6pm (maximum stay of one hour)
£1.30 per hour
Minimum stay of 30 minutes

Between 6pm-10pm
£1.30 per hour
Minimum stay of 30 minutes
Over one hour - flat rate of £3.60

Methods of payment Coins, card and cashless parking 
Blue badges

Disabled badge holders can park without charge in any on-street bay in these locations.
Display your blue badge
Please abide by Department for Transport guidance

Cashless parking Use the cashless service, RingGo

Ashford Town Centre Pedestrian Zone

There is a barrier-controlled pedestrian zone in place in the town centre during the day.

The central pedestrian zone includes the following roads:

  • Upper Bank Street
  • High Street
  • North Street
  • Part of Park Street

There is also limited access to the New Rents area between 08:30am and 4:30pm (access to New Street via the entrance on Drum Lane).

Bank Street Barrier

There is a manned barrier on the entrance to the pedestrian zone, on Bank Street (at the junction with Tufton Street).

With very few exceptions, no traffic will be permitted to pass this point once the barrier has been closed.

Access is not given to blue badge holders after the barrier has been closed.

Access is restricted by the barrier at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday - 10.30am to 5pm
  • Saturday - 8am to 6pm
  • Sunday - not restricted

Vehicle Access to Pedestrian Zone

Special permits can be issued to vehicles that require regular access, for example residents and businesses. Due to the nature of the restriction here there are rules relating to what activities might allow us to grant an access permit.

Please contact Parking Services in order to enquire about an access permit. You can either write to us or email permitcustomercare@ashford.gov.uk.