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Pre-transfer Inspection

Expected standards

Once you have moved out we will inspect the property to check it is in a suitable condition to be let to the next tenant. We will recover any costs related to work required to make property ready for the next tenant. We like to arrange an inspection before you move out to avoid you incurring any unwanted costs.

The property should be clean, and in good decorative order throughout. The walls in each room should be of a uniform colour and ceilings should be white throughout. All fixed items i.e. cupboards, bathroom and kitchen fittings should be in good working order.

All internal and external windows and doors should be serviceable with no defects.  All handles, catches and locks should be working properly. UPVC window frames are not to be painted. All locks should have keys and, if the property has a door entry system, a minimum of two key fobs are required.

What are we looking for?

Walls and ceilings

All painted surfaces should be evenly painted, free from marks from crayons, pens etc. Where wallpapered, the wallpaper should be firmly fixed to the wall with patterns matching. There should be no tears to the wallpaper. Posters must be carefully removed.

Ceilings should be sound and free of defects/staining, and evenly painted in white emulsion paint. Staining can be caused by cooking, smoking, mould, water leakage etc.

Woodwork and radiators

Skirting boards and architrave should be painted with gloss paint of the same colour. However, if you have a natural wood finish please ensure this is consistent throughout the room or you will be asked to repaint the woodwork.

Doors (except veneered doors) should be painted with gloss paint. The door should be defect free, with no holes or visible signs of repairs to holes. All handles, locks, hinges and door closers must be firmly secured to the door and functional. Doors should open and close easily. Any doors that have been removed must be put back.

Radiators should be clean. If they have been painted it must only be white radiator paint that has been used.

Electrical fittings

Wall-mounted power sockets, extractor fans and light fittings should be defect free and firmly fitted. Any paint should also be removed, with the fittings in their original condition. Light pendants should be soundly fixed to the ceiling complete with lamp holders.

Non-council light fittings may remain depending on their electrical safety. Spotlights in kitchens are the most common  and they should conform to B.S.7671:2008 (17th edition I.E.E. Wiring Regulations incorporating the latest amendments). However, light fittings that have been recessed in the ceiling must be removed and the ceiling re-instated.


Kitchen units should be firmly fixed and unit doors should be hanging properly with all hinges and catches working correctly. Worktops should be securely fixed, and be free of burn marks. Kitchen sink pipe work should be free from leaks, with plug and chain fitted. Wall tiles should be soundly fixed to the wall and without defect. All units should be in their original condition/colour and should not have been painted.

Bathroom and toilets

The bath, wash hand basins, toilet and cistern must all be firmly fixed. There should be no cracks or chips to any of the sanitary fittings. There should be no leaks from any of the fittings or pipes and all plugs and chains fitted. The bath should have bath panels fitted. The toilet seat and lid should be clean and fixed correctly. Tiles should be firmly fixed and without defects.


The front and back gardens should be tidy and free from rubbish. Sheds and greenhouses must be removed if they are in poor condition. Any trees, shrubs or hedging must be manageable and at a reasonable height or they must be removed. All boundary fencing and gates are to be in good condition. Fish ponds need to be filled in level with the surrounding ground.

You can request further guidance or arrange for your Neighbourhood Housing Officer to visit you to discuss/help identify any work that maybe required.

Please contact us by phoning 01233 330688 or email our housing team.

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