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Amendment 4, 2020


In the Town of Ashford
Street Proposed Changes
Cornes Close
Introduction of double yellow lines to prevent obstructive parking
Eastmead Avenue Introduction of double yellow lines to prevent obstructive parking
Hall Avenue (spur)

Reduction of double yellow lines in one section where a lay-by allows, thereby increasing parking amenity in the area.

The existing overnight waiting restriction for vehicles above 5t will not be affected.

Kings Avenue

Amend double yellow lines and limited waiting bays within that part of the adoptable highway within the existing Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), to reflect the situation on the ground in light of changes caused by development.

The existing CPZ rules will not be affected.


In the Town of Tenterden
Street Proposed Changes

Introduction of double yellow lines to prevent obstructive parking in one location

Formalise existing restrictions to reflect changes made during recent construction

Hales Close Remove two existing disabled persons parking bays and introduce three limited waiting parking places in that location.


In the Town of Ashford
Street Proposed Changes
Blue Line Lane Removal of redundant disabled persons parking bay from the written order
Dover Place Amendment of written descriptions in light of recent development to reflect the marked restrictions as the appear on the highway
Gladstone Road Formalise existing disabled persons parking bay
Millbank Road Formalise existing school entrance markings
Ordinance Way Formalise existing no waiting restrictions (double yellow lines)


The consultation period has now ended. You may make comments at any time, but they will not form part of our considerations for this proposal as part of this amendment cycle.

The Amendment Order has now been made- 02 September 2020

If you are unable to view the proposals at the above address, please contact us on 01233 330414 to request a hard copy of the deposit documents to be sent out. Please refer to Amendment 4 and give your contact details, full address and postcode.

If any person wishes to question the validity of this Order or of any of its provisions on the grounds that it or they are not within the powers conferred by the Act, or that any requirement of the Act or of any instrument made under the Act has not been complied with, that person may, within 6 weeks from the date on which the Order was made, apply for the purpose to the High Court.    

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Please use reference AM4.2020 in all correspondence

Supporting Documents

Statement Of Reasons [pdf] 27KB

Notice Of Making [pdf] 23KB

Notice Of Intention [pdf] 135KB

Amendment 4 Order to be made [pdf] 125KB



Plans are indicative- full descriptions can be found in the proposed written order.

Blue Line Lane, Ashford [docx] 95KB

Cornes Close, Ashford [docx] 198KB

Dover Place, Ashford [docx] 175KB

Eastmead Ave, Ashford [docx] 251KB

Gladstone Road, Ashford [docx] 235KB

Hall Avenue, Ashford [docx] 362KB

Kings Avenue, Ashford [docx] 227KB

Millbank Road, Ashford [docx] 322KB

Ordinance Way, Ashford [docx] 249KB

Danemore, Tenterden [docx] 96KB

Hales Close, Tenterden [docx] 479KB


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