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Opening hours

Ashford Borough Council's media office is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.

The team proactively issues media releases and produces literature about council services, policies and consultations. It also responds to queries from journalists in local, regional and national print and broadcast media.

Contact the team

To reach a member of the team please email in the first instance, or use the contact details below:

(Please note for queries relating to highways, adult and social care, street lighting and education, please contact our colleagues Kent County Council's media office).

Ashford Borough Council media contacts
For enquiries relating to: Media contact
Strategic Communications, growth and economic development

Dean Spurrell, Communications and Marketing Manager


01233 330647 or 07879 667219

The council's inward investment strategy
The Big 8 projects


For enquiries relating to: Media contact

Jeff Sims, Senior Communications Officer


01233 330543 or 07810 527979

Corporate Property
Legal and democratic services


For enquiries relating to: Media contact
Community safety and wellbeing (parking, environmental health, licensing)

Samantha Stone, Communications Officer


01233 330719 or 07818 403037

Customer services
Human resources


For enquiries relating to: Media contact
Environmental services (waste, recycling and Aspire Landscape Management)

Alice Pritchard, Communications Officer


01233 330398 or 07824 623432

Culture and Housing
The Mayor


For enquiries relating to: Media contact

Hannah Collins, Communications Officer


01233 330544 or 07880 788835

Finance and Economic Development (Town Centre)

General information

For inward investment visit the AshfordFor website.

For town centre and the high street visit the LoveAshford website.

For tourism visit the Experience Ashford & Tenterden website.

Our Social Media Accounts

The team also manage the council's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

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