Council Tax Summons Form

See where to find the relevant information on a typical council tax summons [pdf] 117KB.

If you are having difficulty paying, find out what help is available.

If you are unable to pay the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (1) as shown on the summons before the hearing date but wish to propose a payment plan to clear the debt please complete the following form.

If not working please enter N/A
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Tick all that apply.

Please state amount

Please note that if we agree an arrangement, we will still ask the court to grant a liability order (which will incur additional costs of £65). This is done to protect the council's interests. All costs incurred (a total of £125) will be included in any arrangement to pay. The council will notify you in due course if your offer to clear the arrears is acceptable, but we may not accept your offer of payment if it will take too long to clear the amount owed.

*If you have selected to pay your arrangement monthly you can set up a Direct Debit – please note that the DD instalment will be taken on the 1st of each month. If you have selected to make your arrangement weekly or fortnightly you will need to pay by an alternative method.

What help is available?

If you are having difficulty paying please contact us and explain the situation – the longer you ignore a debt problem the worse the situation becomes.

There are lots of agencies that offer advice on managing money, budgeting and debt management. It is important that people who need help seek it from reputable organisations who offer free, impartial and accurate advice. Please take this opportunity to seek advice and assistance for your particular needs now.  Some advice agency contact details are below, this list isn't exhaustive, others are available: