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Housing Assessment

All applicants for social housing will have their circumstances assessed against our Lettings Policy. 

It is likely that anyone without a local connection to Ashford, or who already has adequate accommodation of financial means, will not qualify.

Applicants are placed within one of five bands based on their priority need. Band A is for individuals with an urgent need for social housing. At the other end of the scale, Band E is for individuals with a very low priority. The application date will determine where each application is placed within each band.

Please see our summarised or full Lettings Policy for further details.

It is important to understand that demand for social housing far outweighs supply, and so whilst you may be accepted onto the register we do not guarantee to rehouse you. The priority awarded to you will dictate your chances of success and the timescale.

If you are Band C or below, we would encourage you to explore the private sector to resolve your own housing need as it is unlikely that we will be able to assist you within the foreseeable future.

Appealing a decision

If we have deemed you ineligible for the housing register in Ashford, you can request a review of that decision. Make a Stage One Rejection Appeal.

If you are still unhappy with the decision you can then Submit a Stage Two Rejection Appeal.

If you believe that your assessment is incorrect or if you disagree with any other decision that has been made about your housing register application you can submit evidence / further information via your Kent Homechoice application.