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Sustainable Christmas - Gifts

Published: 19/12/2022
Picture of Wrapped Christmas Presents

The festive season is a time for friends, families and celebration, but many of us are looking for ways to make this time more sustainable.

From the things that we eat and wear, to the places we shop and the gifts we give, there are so many ways we can have a more sustainable festive season that won’t cost the planet.

So, this year our Climate Officer has shared their plans and ideas for simple sustainable alternatives this Christmas.

At Christmas, it can be tempting to panic buy presents, particularly when we simply don't know what to choose. More and more is spent each year and I find myself torn between wanting to create a magically joyful Christmas and teaching my children a great Christmas is not measured by how many presents they get! (Which can be difficult)

This year I have made the conscious decision to make Christmas more about making memories, playing board games (until one of them throws a wobbly), watching really bad TV and buying more thoughtful sustainable presents. 

So, my new checklist this year for gifts is as follows: 

1. Gift and experience 

There are lots of options to choose from such as tickets to shows, concerts or events or even a homemade coupon book. It means Christmas comes twice for the receiver when they get to go on the experience. One idea I did love was someone gifting an evening of baby-sitting service.

Little girl holding a Christmas present

2. Preloved 

Do all presents have to be brand new or could you find the same present that someone wants on one of the many Preloved sites out there. I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, and some find it hard but recently I have been shopping more on preloved sites. From clothes to furniture, toys to Hamster cages - yes, my daughter wants a hamster for Christmas! It is all there. So why not give it a go, you will be surprised what you can find.

3. Gift a handmade gift  

Whether you love baking, sewing or painting, why not get creative this season. Best of all, it will enable you to put your own stamp on a gift. Check out these for inspiration.

a family in santa hats colouring in

4. Send a forest friendly or plantable Christmas card 

Having received one of these last year for my birthday, I was in awe of how simple and effective they were. My card had the seed embedded in the paper of the card, but you can also give small packets of seeds inside a cardboard card too. A gift and message in one. 

Plant me