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Aspire Landscape and Management biodiversity plans

Published: 04/05/2022
Aspire Landscape Management plaques

We are taking a fresh approach to creating long-lasting and managed habitats for wildlife

With the mowing season here again, Ashford Borough Council's Aspire Landscape Management will not be participating in a blanket approach to Now Mow May, the national conservation initiative which encourages residents and councils to allow grass to grown unmown for the month of May, creating habitat and forage for early season pollinators.

Not mowing grass verges and other places can divide opinion and attract criticism. Having carefully considered the scheme our decision is based on the fact that this strategy will have little / no impact on long term improved biodiversity. In addition, not all areas are suitable for this approach, giving rise to complaints of poor visibility around junctions or nutrient rich soils in areas that struggle to support wild seed growth (they need nutrient depleted soils to flourish).

However, following a successful pilot in one of our town centre parks, we have decided to develop land management plans for all the areas we maintain. These plans will implement long terms changes to selected areas of land, in support of increasing biodiversity and connectivity for nature and people. This includes enhancements such as meadow creation, tree and hedgerow planting.

Our aim is to balance aesthetics, nature, residential use and engagement. The key to successfully initiating these changes is assessing land use and its functionality, determining suitable maintenance regimes, tailoring maintenance on a site by site basis and keeping residents informed.

We will be placing pollinator signs pictured above out on some of the sites and meadow areas that we have identified as areas where we have ceased moving to support biodiversity. So keep an eye out if you see them across the borough.