News article entitled Council relaxes parking restrictions in car parks for residents

Council relaxes parking restrictions in car parks for residents

Published: 21/01/2021

Ashford Borough Council has temporarily relaxed parking restrictions in car parks for residents who have valid parking permits during the current Covid-19 national lockdown restrictions. 

A concession has been introduced for local residents by the Council to allow resident parking permit holders to park for free in off-street car parks in order to ease on-street demand and will take place with immediate effect.

Drivers should clearly display their valid resident’s parking permit and can use town centre off-street car parks until the end of the current national lockdown restrictions. 

To ensure the free flow of traffic, yellow lines restrictions remain vital and will continue to be checked as they are in place to protect junctions and ensure highway safety. They are particularly important for emergency services and refuse collections to be able to access properties.

Resident parking bay enforcement also remains important due to increased demand from resident parking permit holders within each zone. 

Councillor Feacey, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Wellbeing said: “Since the implementation of tier 4 restrictions we understand that more people are needing to stay at home, which in turn creates an increase in the number of vehicles being parked in residential areas.

“Opening up our car parks to residential permit holders will ease the pressure on street parking and ensure emergency vehicles and refuse collections will not be impacted.”