Application to Erect an Allotment Structure

If you would like to erect any structure on your plot including: a shed, glass house, poly tunnel or fruit cage then you must apply for permission. Please refer to the Allotment Terms and Conditions (item 3.9) [pdf] 4488KB for details. Failure to make an application prior to a structure being erected may mean you have to remove the structure.

Please provide your plot number
Please provide your name
Please provide a contact telephone number
Please provide your email address
i.e. shed, glass house, poly tunnel, fruit cage or details of any other type
Structures should not be taller than 2.5m
i.e. wood, glass, metal

Any structure on the allotment must be temporary, maintained in a safe condition and not constructed from hazardous waste as detailed and comply with the requirements detailed in the Allotment Terms and Conditions.

Following assessment of your application you will be contacted to advise if permission has been granted.

Data Protection

Ashford Borough Council is the data controller for the personal information collected in this allotment form. Your information will be used to administrate and or update your allotment application and any allotment tenancy. The collection and processing of your data is being conducted relying upon a contractual legal basis. Your information will be shared with the Ashford Allotment Society and the Parish or Community Council (where these are responsible for the allotment) who we work in partnership with to deliver allotments in the borough. Your information will be held as long as you stay on the waiting list or are an allotment tenant +7yrs.

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