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Planning and Development

About Planning and Development

This is the Planning and Development section of Ashford Borough Council’s website.

Here you can view and comment on planning applications. You can also visit the building control section of our website.

Making an application

Find out if you need planning permission.

If you are making a planning application, read our pre-application advice and find out how to submit a planning application.

We have guidance on the entire planning process, including planning appeals and how you can speak at a planning committee.

Planning enforcement

You can also find out our approach to planning enforcement and what classes as a breach of planning rules.

Spatial planning

Our spatial planning section includes a lot of documentation around the local plan to 2030 and other infrastructure planning. This includes:

Local Authority Search

If you are purchasing land or a property then you can apply for a local authority search.

Major Developments

Our major developments section provides information on large developments taking place in the borough. This includes the proposed Sevington Inland Border Facility, the proposed Waterbrook Inland Border Facility and the South of Ashford Garden Community (which includes Chilmington Green).

Building Conservation

This sub-section of the website has information about listed buildings and conservation areas in the borough of Ashford.

Works to trees and hedges

Find out about wildlife that is protected – this includes Tree Preservation Orders, trees in conservation areas and how to deal with high hedge complaints.

Street Naming and Numbering

We are responsible for naming and numbering all new developments in the borough. Read about our duty regarding street nameplates or report a damaged or missing nameplate.