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Chilmington Green Primary School

Chilmington will see a number of local amenities created as the phases of development come forward, including a secondary school, four primary schools, shops, healthcare, sports and leisure facilities.

Primary SchoolChilmington Green Primary School logo - a rabbit sat on grass within a red circle

On 1st November 2021, the Stour Academy Trust opened the first primary school to be built on the Chilmington Green development. The new school is a modern building with high quality facilities and will remain in a rural setting until housing development planned for the area begins to emerge. Even when fully built out, the school will maintain a focus on environmental education with its own ecological pond and one of the largest new parks in the Borough to arrive at its doorstep. 

For more information visit the Chilmington Green Primary School website.

About Stour Academy Trust

The Stour Academy Trust is a leading Multi-Academy Trust with a proven track record of providing outstanding outcomes for children.

Having previous experience with opening a new school in Ashford (Finberry Primary School), the Trust was selected as the sponsor of the new school after being identified and approved by Kent County Council (KCC) and the Regional School’s Commissioner in July 2017.

All schools in The Stour Academy Trust share the same values: valuing children's well-being and their education above all else, and putting the needs of children at the heart all decision making.

For more information visit The Stour Academy Trust website.

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