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Chilmington Green Quality Agenda and Design Code

A quality charter, outlining 32 commitments to making a quality place and vibrant community at Chilmington Green, was signed by Ashford Borough Council and the developers. The agreement, which is believed to be a first in the UK, is a statement of intent and sets out how the developer team will work with the council and local community to design and deliver a great place at Chilmington Green.

Delivering Chilmington Green over the next 20 or so years will require a strong and lasting partnership between the council and the developers on site and this agreement is an important step towards building the trust and confidence that will be needed.

The document is divided into four key themes, with a set of specific commitments for each theme:

  • Making a successful community
  • Great homes that meet changing needs
  • Designing a great place
  • Delivering a great place

Chilmington Green Quality Agreement

The Quality Agreement is an important addition to the range of steps being taken to secure quality – including the full Chilmington Design Code; learning reviews of lessons from previous housing schemes built in the town; reviews by the Regional Design Panel in Ashford; and the formal legal controls and obligations that will arise as and when a planning permission is granted and legal obligation concluded.

Regulatory plan documents