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Honorary Alderman

Overview of the scheme

The Honorary Alderman Scheme was established by Ashford Borough Council at the meeting of Council on 18 July 2019. The scheme recognises dedicated and committed service by previously elected members of this council. 

An Honorary Alderman of a principal Council may attend and take part in such civic ceremonies as the Council may from time to time decide, but shall not, as such have the right:-

  • To attend meetings of the Council or a Committee of the Council, or
  • To receive any such allowances or other payments as are payable under Sections 173 to 176 of the Local Government Act 1972”. (Section 249 (4) of the Local Government Act 1972)”

Ashford Borough Council has its own criteria for the appointment of an Honorary Alderman. We also have a list of rights and duties along with an Alderman confirmation ceremony.

The selection takes place after each election every four years. The list of potential councillors can be seen on the council’s data base. Councillors will be chosen if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • They have served a minimum of full three electoral terms or twelve years.
  • They have not served as a Mayor. All past Mayors are automatically invited to join the Mayoral Emeritus Group, which is a separate honorary title for their eminent service.

The councillors who meet the criteria and accept the honour (it is optional), will be invited to the Honorary Alderman Awards Ceremony.  This is generally hosted after the October Full Council meeting.

At the meeting, the Mayor of Ashford and the Chief Executive, along with Councillors and invited guests, witness the appointment of the title of Honorary Alderman. 

Each Alderman is presented with Aldermanic Badge and Certifying Scroll during the special ceremony.

 Honorary Alderman Group – October 2019

  • Mr Jeremy Adby
  • Mr Eddy Barrows
  • Mr Peter Davison
  • Mr Anthony Hale
  • Mrs Jo Hawkes
  • Mrs Aline Hicks
  • Mr Harold Hilder
  • Mr Mick Hubert
  • Mrs Jill Hutchinson
  • Mrs Jane Marriott
  • Mrs Marion Martin

Honorary Alderman Group - October 2023

  • Mr Michael Burgess
  • Mr Gerald Clarkson CBE
  • Mr Paul Clokie OBE
  • Mr William Howard
  • Mr Neil Shorter
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