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Previous Mayors

Previous Mayors of Ashford Borough Council
Year Mayor
1974-75 P G Boulden Esq (dec’d)
1975-76 Major Palmer (dec'd)
1976-77 H A Watts Esq (dec’d)
1977-78 B L Prebble Esq (dec’d)
1978-79 Major W O Cotton (dec’d)
1979-80 H E M Apps Esq (dec’d)
1980-81 M J Wiggins Esq
1981-82 J F E Smith Esq (dec’d)
1982-83 A C Tapsell Esq (dec’d)
1983-84 Mrs J J Winnifrith MBE (dec'd)
1984-85 G W Fortescue Esq (dec’d)
1985-86 T A Richards Esq (dec’d)
1986-87 P G Boulden Esq (dec’d)
1987-88 D G Weatherall Esq (dec’d)
1988-89 D S Madgett Esq (dec’d)
1989-90 J B Simpson Esq (dec’d)
1990-91 B G Moorman Esq JP (dec’d)
1991-92 R R Harrington Esq (dec’d)
1992-93 Ms C M Rosson
1993-94 G H Turner Esq (dec’d)
1994-95 A J Hoad Esq (dec’d)
1995-96 Mrs P Laughton
1996-97 S J G Koowaree Esq (dec'd)
1997-98 Ms C M Rosson
1998-99 D S Madgett Esq (dec’d)
1999-2000 B A Simmons
2000-01 A J Hoad Esq (dec'd)
2001-02 L G R Lawrie Esq
2002-03 M R G Claughton Esq
2003-04 R K Davidson Esq
2004-05 A Wells Esq
2005-06 M Eke Esq
2006-07 N Ayres Esq (dec'd)
2007-08 Mrs R J Hawes
2008-09 J S Link Esq
2009-10 J Holland Esq
2010-11 A Wells Esq
2011-12 M M French Esq
2012-13 R K Davidson Esq
2013-14 D Smith Esq
2014-15 J S Link Esq
2015-16 Mrs G Dyer
2016-17 S J G Koowaree Esq (dec'd)
2017-18 W R Michael Esq
2018-19 Mrs J E Blanford
2019-20 Mrs J Webb
2020-21 J S Link Esq
2021-22 C Knowles Esq
2022-23 Mrs J Webb

Mayoral Emeritus Group

All Past Mayors are automatically invited to join the Mayoral Emeritus Group. This is a separate honorary title for their eminent service.

A list of past councillors is kept by the Member Services team. You can contact contact the team by emailing membersservices@ashford.gov.uk.

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