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Easy ways to pay for parking

Published: 14/09/2023
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Did you know we offer ways to save money on your parking that are suitable if you use them regularly or if you visit less often….

Frequent car park user?

Season tickets reduce the cost of parking if you frequently visit some of our council car parks. They allow one, three, six or 12 months of parking in advance.

Season tickets can be used in the following locations:

Ashford: Dover Place Car Park, Edinburgh Road Car Park, Elwick Road Car Park, Flour Mills Car Park, Station Road Car Park, Victoria Road Car Park

Tenterden: Bridewell Lane Car Park and the rear section of Tenterden Leisure Centre Car Park

Depending on the car park prices range from £59 for a month up to £836 for a year.

Use our car parks less frequently?

Car park vouchers are a flexible way to reduce the cost of parking for a day if you use our car parks a bit less frequently.

Our virtual vouchers can be purchased in books of 10, are valid for one year and can be used whenever you wish to park – handy if you only need to park a couple of times a week.

Vouchers are offered at two price points;

  1. A book of 10 vouchers priced £37.50 can be used in:
    Ashford: Edinburgh Road Car Park, Elwick Road Car Park, Dover Place Car Park and Station Road Car Park.
    Tenterden: Bridewell Lane Car Park and the car park behind Tenterden Leisure Centre.

  2. A book of 10 vouchers priced £32.50 can be used in:
    Ashford: Flour Mills Car Park, Henwood Car Park and Victoria Road Car Park.

Find out more on our season tickets and car park vouchers page.

 A quick and easy way to pay

For an easy way to pay why not use your phone to pay for parking with RingGo – it's quick, secure and you don't have to hunt around for loose change to feed the machine.

Once you've downloaded the free RingGo app and registered, you can also park in thousands of RingGo parking areas nationwide.

What are the benefits?

No more coins – you'll never have to worry about carrying change to pay for parking again. Just download the RingGo app!

No need to touch the machines or queue for a ticket. 

Running late? Just click the extend button in the RingGo app from wherever you are. There's no need to dash back to your car.

Find out more about RingGo.