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Coronavirus update for allotment holders

Ashford Borough Council are sending letters out to all allotment owners to issue advice and guidance during this time. View a copy of allotment Coronavirus advice letter sent to allotment owners [pdf] 155KB.

Find out the latest updates regarding allotments in the borough on our service disruption page.

Council-owned allotments

Ashford Borough Council own 15 sites throughout the borough with over 500 plots.

Plots are measured in perches which is an old measurement – one perch is the equivalent of 25m². Our plots vary in size with the majority being approximately 5 perches.

All our allotments have access to mains water but we do encourage people to harvest their own rain water for use on their plots.

The rental is £7.00 per perch per year (for example, a 5 perch plot would cost £35 per year). The exact cost of a plot is determined by its size and this will be advised at the time an offer is made.

A 50% discount is awarded for up to a maximum of 5 perches to tenants in receipt of a means tested benefit or receiving their state pension. Any tenant that has more than 5 perches will be charged for these at the full rental rate.

Invoices for the annual rent are sent out in October. If you become a tenant mid-way through the year you will be charged a pro-rata amount of rent from the point of signing up until 1 September. 

View Allotment Terms And Conditions [pdf] 4.38MB for further information.

We work closely with the Ashford Allotment Society and when you sign your allotment agreement you will become a member. Details on this can be found in our allotment terms and conditions or you can visit the Ashford Allotment Society website for more information or to view a copy of the Ashford Allotment Society Constitution.

The Ashford Allotment Society holds regular meetings to discuss allotment matters, with each site having a representative who speaks on their behalf. Allotment tenants are welcome to attend these meetings to listen and observe, although they are not able to participate in the meeting.

If you have any further questions regarding the allotment service please email allotments@ashford.gov.uk, or contact our customer service team on 01233 331111.


Pay your invoice

To pay your invoice, select 'Invoice or Sundry Debtors' on the payment homepage and follow the onscreen instructions.

Report an allotment issue

The allotment sites are listed below; click on the address to view the site on the map.

Allotment sites
Allotment Site Name Address Size (acres)
Beaver Field View Rigden Road map 0.543
Burton Farm View Kennington map 2.192
Bybrook Cemetery View Cemetery Lane map 0.484
Cryol Road View Cryol Road map 0.748
Henwood View Gordon Close map 1.579
Musgrove Farm View Beaver Road map 3.502
William Road, Musgrove New, Christchurch Road & Jemmett Road View William Road, Musgrove New, Christchurch Road & Jemmett Road map 4.001
Orion Way View Orion Way map 2.145
Repton View Repton Manor Road map 0.479
Westrees View Quantock Drive map 3.033
Wye View Churchfield Way map 0.515
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