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Planning Service Updates

Planning application validation

Current turnaround for planning application validation is within 10 working days. We are working hard to restore the standard timescale of 5 working days. Thank you for your patience.

BNG Validation requirements - NV10 and LV30

Minor changes to our validation checklist will be implemented from 2 April 2024.  These changes reflect information required on applications for BNG qualifying development.

Pre-Application Advice Queues.

Householder - 8 places available

Minor - FULL   (+8 applications in the queue)

Major - 5 places available

Email alerts extended to include Parish option

Our email notification tool now includes options for signing up to notifications by Parish as well as Wards.  This tool is still in Beta phase and so it is possible that users may experience minor issues during this phase.  If issues are experienced, they can be reported via the website face icons on the homepage.  A review of the service is scheduled for the new year after which a final version will be released for customers.

Last updated: 18 April 24


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