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Schemes in Development

Here you can find out about some of our exciting developments in the borough of Ashford. We are developing short stay accommodation, general needs properties, community facilities and independent living schemes.

The Housing Development and Regeneration Team ensure our developments meet the needs of local residents. They also ensure developments are completed to a high standard.

We have received awards for some of our exciting new developments. We hope to reach the same high standards with the sites we are currently developing.

You can read more about our overall strategy for developing and delivering affordable housing in the borough in our Affordable Housing Delivery Plan [pdf] 1170KB. This report was approved by councillors in October 2019.

In September 2018 we submitted a bid to the Ministry to raise our debt cap by £61m in order to build a proposed 334 homes over 25 sites by 2022. Though the debt cap was then removed altogether, it signalled our ambition to develop further sites.

Eastmead Avenue consultation

We are currently consulting on a proposed development at Eastmead Avenue. You can view some of the consultation documents below.

Schemes in development

Below details the sites we have been able to develop since the cap was raised, with further development sites still to be consulted on.


Additional acquisitions
Type What is proposed Progress to date Anticipated completion date of scheme Anticipated cost of scheme Anticipated grant
Street purchases Minimum of 50 in 2020-2021 and 75 in 2021-2022 budgeted for in HRA business Plan 55 purchases have been completed since 1 April 2020 up to 1st April 2022 On-going £200,000 assumed as the average per property – so a budget of £15m included in HRA business plan 1-4-1 plus HRA budget set aside already


Sites being progressed
Site What is proposed Progress to date Anticipated completion date of scheme Anticipated cost of scheme Anticipated grant
Oakleigh House 69 homes Planning application submitted and being considered by planning. TBC - 2024-25 financial year (subject to planning permission) TBC - Anticipated cost £15m (subject to procurement)  Homes England Grant (bid not submitted yet)
55 Mabledon Avenue 22 homes

Application considered by planning and permission granted subject to Stodmarsh mitigation.

September 2024 (subject to planning permission) TBC - Anticipated cost £7m (subject to procurement) Homes England Grant (bid not submitted yet)

Frequently Asked Questions

+ When will the developments be ready?

You will see on the “In Development” table that we have provided anticipated completion dates. These are all subject to change as there can be many different issues which can affect timescales but we will endeavour to keep this information as up to date as possible.

+ How can I move into one of these properties?

Properties are advertised on Kent Homechoice and allocated in line with our Lettings Policy. To register please go to the Kent Homechoice website.

+ How can I contact the Housing Development and Regeneration Team with inquiries?

Please feel free to email Mark James, Development Partnership Manager with any development questions you may have. You can find information regarding how properties are allocated on our applying for social housing page.

+ Are any of these homes available to purchase?

We will direct you to the marketing agent of any of our shared ownership homes or open market homes if we are doing development for cross-subsidy. If it is a Registered Provider scheme, we will direct you to them. Please note that not all development sites will have purchase opportunities.