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Specified And Temporary Accommodation

Specified (Supported and Exempt) Accommodation and Temporary Accommodation

Anyone living in Specified or Temporary Accommodation must pay for their accommodation through housing benefit. All other living costs will be funded through Universal Credit.

Below are descriptions of Specified and Temporary Accommodation.

Temporary Accommodation

Temporary Accommodation is accommodation which is provided by Ashford Borough Council. We have a legal obligation under part VII of the Housing Act 1996 to prevent residents from becoming homeless. This is in accordance with part VII of the Housing Act 1996 providing the accommodation isn’t exempt accommodation.

Specified (Supported and Exempt) Accommodation is accommodation which fits into one of the four categories below.

Category 1

Exempt accommodation

The Landlord is a not-for-profit body (such as a Housing Association) or Kent County Council. This also includes accommodation where care, support or supervision are provided by the landlord or someone acting on the landlord's behalf.

Category 2

Accommodation provided by not-for-profit landlords or Kent County Council. Support is not provided by, or on behalf of, the landlord but the resident was placed there to receive care, support or supervision.

Category 3

Domestic violence refuge provided by any council or a not-for-profit landlord.

Category 4

Hostels provided by Ashford Borough Council where individual dwellings are not “separate, self-contained premises”. Care, support or supervision are provided to the resident.