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Developing Affordable Housing (Eligibility Criteria)

We want to work with organisations and other local agencies to deliver high-quality affordable housing in the borough.

Development protocol eligibility criteria

We use an eligibility criteria to ensure organisations are competent and committed to delivering affordable housing. This forms part of the development protocol and helps us come to open and transparent decisions on whether or not an organisation meets our criteria. Any interested organisation has a fair and equal opportunity to show how they would work within the borough.

The criteria measures an organisation's ability to meet the strategic and operational aims of the council. Our aims are:

  • To achieve high-quality homes that meet the current and future needs of the community;
  • To ensure housing development contributes to stronger and safer communities;
  • To promote environmental excellence.

Complete the eligibility criteria to develop affordable housing form.

For further information please email Mark James Development and Partnerships Manager or telephone 01233 330687.

Design guides

Extra care sheltered housing design guide

The Corporate Plan identifies a need to have suitable accommodation for all the stages in life. This includes help and support to maintain the independence of our residents for as long as possible. The development of extra care sheltered housing provides more accommodation options for older residents of the borough.

The extra care sheltered housing design guide sets out the minimum standards expected for developments of extra care accommodation.

Sheltered Housing Extra Care Booklet [pdf] 2351KB

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