Lodge Wood Low Cost Home Ownership

The dwellings at the Lodge Wood development off Maidstone Road in Ashford were built by Abbey Developments Limited. Some of the dwellings were sold as low cost home ownership properties under a lease granted by Abbey Developments. If the owner of one of those properties wishes to sell, they must first give the council time to nominate a person who is willing to buy the property. In order to make sure those properties continue to be affordable, some of them can also only be sold at less than the market value.

If you are an existing leaseholder or if you are thinking of buying one of those properties, you can learn about the process involved by reading one of these summaries, depending on the particular lease:

Lease with no restriction on sale price [pdf] 187KB 

Lease with restriction on sale price [pdf] 189KB

The following properties currently have a sale price restriction: 2 Hill Rise, 17 Hill Rise, 26 Lodge Wood Drive, 10 Squirrel Lane and 5 Sun Rise.

The following properties have no sale price restriction: 9 Sun Rise, 10 Sun Rise and 11 Sun Rise.

If your property is not listed, you should get a solicitor to check your lease to see if there is a restriction on the sale price or not. You should also get legal advice before deciding to buy or sell. Existing leaseholders should email Bill Callinan at Abbey New Homes in order to start the process.