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News article entitled Annual Pay Policy Statement 2021-22

Annual Pay Policy Statement 2021-22

Published: 30/07/2021

Ashford Borough Council’s employees will be paid a minimum of £9.27 per hour, backdated to 1 April 2021, as the council continues its commitment to supporting its lowest paid staff after an annual review of the Ashford Living Wage Allowance rates (ALWA).

Implemented in 2013, the ALWA ensures that irrespective of their age, the salaries of our employees can sustain families and individuals as well as underpinning a thriving local economy.

The Government’s current rate for the National Living Wage (NLW) (for those aged 23 and over) and the National Minimum Wage (NWM) is £8.91.

As approved at the latest Cabinet meeting held on 29 July, the Ashford Apprentice Wage Allowance (AAWA) will also continue to be maintained at 15 pence per hour over the National Minimum Wage rate applicable to the age of the apprentice.

Cllr Alan Pickering Portfolio Holder for Human Resources and Customer Services, said: “Ashford Borough Council intends to maintain its position as an employer with good employment practices and a remuneration structure to reward our staff based on systems to maintain fairness at all times.

“We are conscious of the need to ensure the lower paid members of our staff and Apprentices are paid a rate that can sustain family life and make Apprenticeships accessible to all.”