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News article entitled The Gastronomist arrives at Elwick Place this Spring

The Gastronomist arrives at Elwick Place this Spring

Published: 09/03/2021

‘The Gastronomist’ will burst onto Kent’s culinary scene this Spring, with the trailblazing restaurant officially taking up its residence in Elwick Place, Ashford,

Spring 2021 is set to bring green shoots to Ashford in more ways than one: The Gastronomist Club Ltd is getting ready to fire up its roaring, open-flamed parilla (grill) and to welcome diners to a very special supper experience, right in the heart of Ashford’s town centre. ‘The Gastronomist’, as it will be known by patrons, is one of the latest newcomers to snap up a tenancy at Elwick Place, a new 100,000 sq ft leisure and restaurant development, just a stone’s throw from Ashford International.

The Gastronomist is a refined, modern event space conceived with comfort and conviviality in mind. Its aim is to deliver always exceptional, at times unconventional, dining experiences. The dinner party-styled restaurant will soon welcome guests for a curated two and a half-hour experience featuring menus inspired by the freshest and finest available ingredients from the surrounding Kent countryside. The format of the tasting menus will consist of six courses with selected wine pairings. Bellwether dishes will include the likes of Braised neck of lamb, grilled artichokes, Romesco sauce, pickled fennel and toasted almonds.

A dynamic programme of events at The Gastronomist will incorporate weekly ticketed dinner events, wine tastings and other hospitality-focused experiences including exciting collaborations with international chefs and “Meet the Producer” evenings. The venue will also be available exclusively for private functions.

Jokin Ortega, co-director, said: “We want to serve flavours that are intrinsically delicious, inspired by nature, and assimilate some international flair. Our food offering will be designed around the best seasonal ingredients from Kent, and occasionally beyond, to create bold menus that tell a story and have a sense of provenance. Our bespoke 2 metre wide parilla will be the focal point in the kitchen and is bound to capture our guests’ attention during the evening’s service.”

A photo showing the inside of The Gastronomist restaurant at Elwick Place, Ashford

The Gastronomist’s founders’ commitment to creating unique and memorable experiences for their patrons extends beyond the dining and wine-pairings. The venue was deliberately designed to serve as a blank canvas for art exhibitions, which will change throughout the year. Partnering with Experience Curators for the restaurant’s 2021 launch, The Gastronomist has commissioned international fine artist Zita Ayala, marking the UK debut of her work. The “Taupadak” Exhibition, which in Basque means “Heartbeat”, is a brand-new series that sees the artist explore the reconnection between humans and nature.

Anticipating the venue’s inauguration, Ainara Mateu, co-director, states: “I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting opening here in Ashford. Each of The Gastronomist’s events will hopefully be fun, social and keep our patrons clamouring for more. Fundamentally, we want people to enjoy their evening: to soak up the atmosphere from the open kitchen; to take in the art installations; and to rediscover the joy (perhaps even the drama!) of congenial dining, all whilst discovering fantastic food and drink. Hospitality will form the mainstay of everything we do.

“Every detail has been thought out with each of our individual guests in mind, and we hope they’ll join us as we embark on this journey together, learning all the way. We were unbelievably fortunate to be able to secure Zita Ayala’s art for the launch. Zita’s work is as compelling as it is enchanting. “Taupadak” seems completely in sync with both the venue and our approach and we are immensely proud The Gastronomist will be its showcase.”

The Gastronomist team are working hard to ensure that, as soon as they can open their doors, the venue is Covid safe for their guests and staff. The management team are following all relevant government and industry guidance.

For more information, visit The Gastronomist online.