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Landscape Character SPD

The aim of the Landscape Character Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is to promote regard for the landscape and to ensure new development makes a positive contribution to the landscape, including its key characteristics and features in which it is located. They support Local Plan 2030 policies ENV3.

The document was adopted by the council on the 28th April 2011 and is available to view and download below:

Landscape Character SPD Adopted [pdf] 12MB

Addendum to Landscape Character SPD [pdf] 27KB

Ashford landscape character study and assessments

There are two background documents which form the evidence base for the Landscape Character SPD, the StudioEngleback (2005) study, which assesses the landscape on the edge of the Ashford urban area and the Jacobs (2009) assessment which looks at the wider rural area of Ashford.

Landscape Character Study 2005

The StudioEngleback (2005) study has been broken down in the following sections below: 

Landscape Character Study - Summary Report [pdf] 3356KB

Landscape Character Study - Background Data Report [pdf] 3457KB

Landscape Character Study - Scoping And Methodology [pdf] 781KB

Landscape Character Study - Aldington Ridge [pdf] 1593KB

Landscape Character Study - Bethersden Farmlands [pdf] 4593KB

Landscape Character Study - Biddenden High Halden Farmlands [pdf] 1546KB

Landscape Character Study - Brabourne Lees Mixed Farmlands [pdf] 1873KB

Landscape Character Study - Brabourne Vale [pdf] 1159KB

Landscape Character Study - Hollingbourne Vale [pdf] 1118KB

Landscape Character Study - Hothfield Heathy Farmlands [pdf] 3356KB

Landscape Character Study - Mersham Farmlands [pdf] 2052KB

Landscape Character Study - Old Romney Shoreline Woodland Farmlands [pdf] 2097KB

Landscape Character Study - Stour Gap [pdf] 1381KB

Landscape Character Study - Stour Valley [pdf] 1412KB

Landscape Character Study - Upper Stour Valley [pdf] 3158KB

Landscape Character Assessment 2009

Ashford Landscape Character Assessment 2009 [pdf] 31774KB

Areas of outstanding natural beauty

The borough of Ashford contains two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB); the Kent Downs AONB in the north and east of the borough and the High Weald AONB located in the south-west. The two AONBs are afforded the highest level of protection under the Countryside Rights of Way Act. The SPD above provides more detail on the protection of the AONBs.

The AONBs in the borough were not surveyed as part of the Landscape Character Assessment work, but the landscape of these areas has been assessed extensively by the AONB management plans, produced by the respective AONB units. Due to the AONBs being treated as separate landscape character areas, it is considered that the information for the protection of these nationally important areas should be obtained from the relevant AONB unit – see below:

Kent Downs AONB

Kent Downs AONB Management Plan 2021-2026

High Weald AONB

High Weald AONB Management Plan

January 2020 – New Design Guide for High Weald AONB

This guidance aims to inspire high-quality design in keeping with special character of the High Weald and to prevent ‘generic’ housing developments.

The High Weald Housing Design Guide gives practical, clear advice on expectations for new housing development including site layout, building appearance and materials, public spaces and parking provision. It is aimed at all those involved in the built environment of the AONB, from designers, developers and highways engineers through to planning decision-makers.

View the High Weald Design Guide.