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Dark Skies SPD

Preserving our skies: Light pollution and the need for darkness in the borough

Under Policy ENV4 of the adopted Local Plan 2030 – those seeking planning permission must be asked to demonstrate they have considered where any external light shines, when it shines, how much it shines, lighting types and any possible ecological impact. These issues can then be considered by the council as part of the planning application.

The SPD below provides further guidance on the policy requirements. The SPD also:

  • Raises awareness about what we can all do to minimise light pollution and why this is important;
  • Raises the profile of dark skies and how this is an environmental asset that is often not considered but one we are increasingly at risk of losing;
  • Identifies a broad area which could form a ‘dark sky protection zone’ in the future.

The final version of the SPD was approved at full council in July 2014.

Dark Skies SPD Adopted July 2014 [pdf] 2MB.